On Thursday 21st October 2010 students from all grades at the Taman Rama School in Bali, celebrated the 65th anniversary of United Nations Day (24th October) with a morning of songs, dance and readings.

The event was attended by Mr. El-Mostafa Benlamlih UN Resident Coordinator for Indonesia and other honoured guests, including a representative from the Bali Governor’s office, Consul Officials and high ranking officers from Indonesia’s Army and Police.

Speaking on behalf of the School Foundation, Mr. James Nicholas Bird, director of Taman Rama School’s Cambridge International Fellowship Centre said that the school’s philosophy was based on the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and the principles of Pancasila, and that it shared many of the United Nation’s values.

The colourful and lively event featured students from Kindergarten to Senior High School and told the history of the United Nations from its creation until present day. A carefully designed drama production focused on the broad issues facing the organisation, through its Millennium Development Goal programme and paid tribute to the organisation’s on-going work.

There was screening of Taman Rama and Asian International School’s recent charity donation to SDN 1 Sukawana, in Kintamani Bangli Region and awards were presented to the winners of the annual art competition. The theme of which was the Millennium Development Goals.

Mr. El-Mostafa Benlamlih, the highest ranked United Nations official in Indonesia, congratulated the students on a wonderful morning that was both entertaining and informative. He said that everything had been fully explained and that he himself had learnt about the key dates of UN’s history. Looking at the display of 192 world flags that had been cut into large hands and painted by the students he said the world would be a boring place without its diversity. He went on to congratulate students on their drama skit that accurately portrayed the eight UN Millennium Development Goals.

The UN Resident Coordinator told an anecdote about the importance of recognising the value of education and spoke about how the United Nations measures human development and how it sets levels for improvement.

The morning finished with a grand flag-waving finale followed by the inauguration of the art exhibition and annual blood collection.

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